We understand if you have never used our wall sticker before, or if this is the first time you see us, you are probably asking “Can I handle it?” “How does this thing work?”.  We definitely encourage you to try it yourself, because it is NOT a hard thing to do, you’d need to work very hard to not succeed.

However,  for the lazy or busy guys out there,  or if you are just not too sure where to begin, or you are not too confident to install some of our larger design stickers, there is still an option – We can come to install it for you!

(Only if you reside in Auckland. Or if you don’t mind paying return air ticket for us, we will still be glad to travel a little bit )

Here is how it works, please use the form below to ask for a quotation, we will respond within 24 hours.  Like all other cutting edge high tech industry, we charge by hour plus travel.  To give you a rough idea, on average we charge around $35 for inner Auckland area for a one sticker job, which isn’t too much since you save on shipping at the same time.

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