One of the most frequently asked questions is: Will VONO wall sticker work on my wall? Sometimes it is plaster outside the house, sometimes it is wallpaper, sometimes even canvas(We love these customers, who said our sticker could not be used on a framed canvas?) Or sometimes our customers are not certain what real colour our sticker may appear apart from being displayed digitally on monitor.

Well, these questions are difficult to answer, because we don’t know! We have tested on so many different materials before we have chosen the current vinyl we use to produce our stickers. But there must be something we missed out, so we can not guarantee whether our sticker will stay on the surface you are planning to use on. Simple solution is to TRY IT first.

What is included in a sample?

You will receive a random set of our smaller designs one for each colour. I am sure kids will love them! While you test the stickiness of the stickers you can also see the real colour, and works out how they will look on your wall.

Order a sample now, it is only $3, GST included, No shipping charge