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About Us

VONO is a local design studio dedicated to bring you the unique home decals you can find in New Zealand.

We go all over the world to find you the finest mural arts and make them handy to be added to your home. In the meanwhile, our local designers offer customized service, and premium product at a very competitive price to our local customer.


What is wallsticker?

VONO wallstickers are self-adhesive stickers made of a very thin high-tech vinyl foil. It only takes minutes to apply to a surface and it can be just as easily removed again when you feel like a change.

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How do I do it?

Note: Please start with the smaller part of the sticker, they are easier to handle than the larger parts. Once you get used to it, try the main body of sticker.

Detailed step by step installation guide, which will definitely help you understand our products

Depending on the surface condition of your wall, sometimes the glutinosity between the sticker to wall is less than the glutinosity between the transfer tape to the sticker, then the sticker refuses to stay on the wall when you try to pull off the transfer tape.This happens extremely rare though.

In case you happen to have such a wall, there is still a solution! What you need to do is to stick the transfer tape on some sort of fabric first, such as your bed sheet or table cloth to decrease the stickiness, then try again. This is also why it is important to test with a small piece of sticker with your wall first.

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Where can I apply VONO wall stickers?

Our stickers work on any smooth, dry and clean surface: walls, mirrors, refrigerators, laptop covers, tiles, glass, lockers, furniture, accessories, etc.. even automotive surfaces!

Painted wall tips

  • Prior to applying onto painted walls: clean wall and make sure it is dry
  • Newly painted walls: it is recommended to let the paint "cur" for 10 to 15 days prior to applying VONO stickers . Even if new paint feels dry, it may still need to settle and completely cure.
  • Not recommended on "Orange Peel" textured walls
  • VONO stickers will not work over cinder blocks or very textured and porous surfaces.
  • Not recommended over wallpaper or delicate surfaces

Bathroom tips

  • VONO stickers can be applied onto tiles as long as surface is clean and completely dry during installation. Make sure the design element does not overlap grout area as water could filter under and compromise the adhesive.
  • VONO stickers can be applied onto shower walls, as long as they are placed tightly onto the surface so water cannot reach under the design element. Once applied, VONO stickers will not move even if sprayed by shower.


  • Place VONO stickers decorated items in dishwater or microwave.
  • Place VONO stickers over rugs, fabrics and any other textiles. Textile fibers may stick to the adhesive and ruin the product.
  • Do not place at the bottom or inside the tub. Water could filter beneath the design element too easily and would compromise the adhesive.

NOTE: In all applications, it is always best to test RoomMates in an inconspicuous area. If the surface is textured, performance could be seriously diminished. Make sure surface is clean of dust and dirt or you may compromise the adhesive and ruin the product.

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Will VONO wall stickers leave sticky residue?

Decorating with VONO stickers

VONO wall stickers use a specially formulated adhesive that never migrates onto the surface and therefore leaves no marks and no residue. Beware of cheaper products that use acrylic adhesives!

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Does VONO Design do custom designs?

Yes we do. Please contact us for the design you are interested in.

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How do I remove air bubbles?

When applying, make sure you start from one side (for the border) or the top (for the appliques) of each element. Keep the rest of the element away from the wall/surface. Slowly go down over the design with your hand and smooth the element onto surface (and press the bubbles out as you go).

Once applied you should be able to move any remaining bubbles out by pressing/smoothing them out of the element. If the problem persists (this would only happen with the giant appliques), you can punch a tiny (invisible to the eye) hole with a pin to push the air out.

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